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Trend Alert: Rainbow Weddings

Trend Alert: Rainbow Weddings

Rainbows are vibrant, fun and are a symbol of this wonderful community. For many same-sex weddings, the inclusion of the rainbow is becoming a big, colourful trend! We’ve been investigating this trend and love the creative ways some couples have decided to include the rainbow in their wedding. If you are looking for some ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are 5 ways you can infuse the rainbow into your wedding.

Rainbow roses and flower bouquets

Believe it or not, you can now get hold of rainbow roses! If a bouquet of artificially coloured flowers isn’t quite your thing, there are some really beautiful (and affordable) flowers that you can bring together to create a rainbow effect in your bouquet. Speak to your chosen florist about this possibility as this could depend on the season.

Multicoloured bridal party attire

Whether you choose to add a small hint of colour in your groomsmens’ ties or go all out with bridesmaids dresses all shades of the rainbow, this will be a beautiful nod to the rainbow flag. Looking for a more subtle approach? Think about the small things - we also loved seeing tiny pride flag cufflinks and rainbow nail art.

Coloured smoke bombs

This looks amazing! Not only does this look cool at the event, it creates an amazing atmosphere for your photos. Whether it’s a cool twist on the traditional wedding exit, or simply a prop to give your photos a pop of colour, this trend is definitely here to stay!

Cake, cake, cake

The cake is such a versatile element to the wedding and that’s probably why many LGBTQ+ couples have chosen to give a nod to the pride flag through it. Whether you choose to have the outer decor bursting with colour or choose to give your guests a surprise rainbow interior; you can be certain that your rainbow cake will be a beautiful talking point.

Rainbow confetti

A simple, yet effective way to infuse the rainbow into your wedding. Your confetti can be any colour and any material. Imagine a sky full of multicoloured flower petals or paper confetti as your guests help you celebrate your marriage. Bonus: Rainbow confetti will also look incredible in your photos!

Now you have the ideas, it’s time to find the people to bring it to life. Head over to the homepage to find the right supplier for your big day.


Written by: Nikita Thorne

With a bachelors degree in English Literature, Film and Theatre, Nikita is a passionate writer and content creator. A wedding planning expert, she is the host of Guides for Brides - The Wedding Podcast and regularly speaks at wedding industry conferences and national shows. She keeps on top of the latest bridal trends, speaks to couples about their big days and loves to see the latest, innovative ideas from wedding professionals across the country. If you need practical planning advice, Nikita is your best contact!