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Suits for all Seasons 

Suits for all Seasons 

What you wear is always influenced by the seasons and the different weather they bring. So, what you choose to wear to your wedding is no exception! Here we have put together a handy guide of what suit materials, colours and trends are prominent in each season. 


Winter sees suit trends lean towards heavier materials and dark tones. When choosing your fabric, you can choose from a variety of wool materials or something more unusual such as tweed, wool or corduroy! These sorts of materials lend themselves to darker tones, with options including black, blue, dark blue, midnight blue or charcoal grey. 


Spring can be tricky as your weather could be wintery or summery! If you are planning on early spring, perhaps take the winter colour palette but with a more traditional suit material. Similarly with a later spring wedding, add some colour to your look with accessories, such as a pocket square or tie, and perhaps wear a slightly lighter colour in a traditional suit material. 


Although not a guarantee in England, summer can mean sunny weather! These hotter temperatures lend themselves to lighter materials. Linens, cottons and summer wool and silk blends with softer construction are all excellent choices as these materials are still striking suit fabrics but are far less heavy! Lighter tones, like grey or cream, are also a great way to combat the heat, so a light, a three-piece linen suit is perfect for a high summer wedding. 


Similar to spring, autumn temperatures can vary significantly. We would again suggest using material that can be comfortable in any weather but try embracing autumnal colours, such as reds, oranges or even yellows, within your suit materials and accessories.

Written by: Cat Arnott

With a Masters degree in History, Cat is the best person to consult if you need wedding facts and information fast. Her passion for weddings has led to her having a broad and up to date knowledge of trends and traditions and she is here to research on your behalf to find the answer to any wedding related problem.