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Saltcote Place Wedding Venue

Unhurried, exclusive use no back to back Weddings

Saltcote Place is an East Sussex Wedding venue with options for indoor or outdoor wedding celebrations. We host intimate Weddings from 6 for up to 300 guests with parking and full end to end management. An award winning team headed by the owners who will personally be involved in your Celebration at every stage. As owners we each have more than 30 years experience attending to detail and it shows with our reviews. We are the only property in the UK with two five star gold awards - some of the top London Hotels never achieve that. We care about your Celebration as much as you and also give you your own bespoke Wedding website to help you make the best possible Wedding. We never have Weddings either side of another Wedding and for the past 6 years we have averaged 7 Weddings a year. If you want a Celebration where the Venue really care, and who can demonstrate excellence in all areas then let's talk with a view to meeting you to hear about your plans.

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Location: Saltcote Lane, Rye, TN31 7NR

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